Ultra High Performance Tyres

Passionate drivers are passionate about their cars and we understand this. The cars are demanding and the best manufacturers only choose the highest quality tyres to feature as original equipment on their performance ranges. When it comes to performance, handling or safety – there are no compromises.

MICHELIN and Bugatti Chiron Break Speed Record

The world’s fastest street legal tyre – MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2

Commenting on the record, Pierre Chandezon, Bugatti tire design team leader at MICHELIN said: ‘MICHELIN is very proud to have been an integral part of this record and it is the fruit of the relationship between us and Bugatti which stretches back almost 20 years. With this in mind, it was the trust built up over this time that gave Bugatti the confidence to allow MICHELIN to develop the sole original equipment fitment tires for the Chiron.’

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MICHELIN Motorsport Heritage

Motorsport has been a part of MICHELIN’S DNA ever since the company was founded. MICHELIN is the only brand to have developed so many winning technologies over a period of more than 100 years. It is this prestigious heritage that provides the foundations for the passion that runs through the veins of the entire company today.

MICHELIN’S first taste of competition was the Paris-Brest-Paris (1891), the longest cycle race ever staged. The winner of that 1,200km event was Charles Terront who proved the benefits of MICHELIN’S new removable tyre by completing the route in a time of 71 hours and 18 minutes, nine hours faster than his closest rival.

Since then, MICHELIN has added a long list of prestigious victories to its record:

  • 26 Drivers’ titles and 28 Manufacturers’ titles in the World Rally Championship (WRC),
  • 102 race wins and nine world titles in Formula 1,
  • More than 400 race wins and 29 titles in MotoGP,
  • 12 Superbike World Championship titles (WSBK)
  • 28 victories in the Le Mans 24 Hours,
  • 15 FIM Endurance World Championship titles (EWC)
  • 55 Dakar wins (36 on two wheels, plus 19 in the car category)
  • and some more

At Advantage Tyres, we understand that your high performance vehicle features extremely complex technology. We also understand that tyres need to enhance that technology to ensure your vehicle performs at 100%.

MICHELIN ultra high-performance tyres feature technologies never before seen on everyday vehicles. That’s because now, cars travelling our roads have power, performance and handling that were once the preserve of racing circuits and the elite.

Some of the latest technologies are derived from motorsport disciplines including historic 24h Le Mans, FIA Formula-e, WRC. These are now key design features within road and track tyres to enable drivers to truly exploit the handling and performance that discerning owners want from their performance cars.

We distribute tyres that are proven to win races. To win races in today’s world, tyres need to be all weather, fuel efficient, long lasting and damage resistant, not forgetting they need to be driven to the limits of endurance and adhesion. These needs are reflected in the tyres we offer for high performance motorists who only want the best.

MICHELIN high performance tyres are award winning and independently tested as well as specified as “Original Equipment” by the most prestigious car makers in the world.

Key Benefits

  • High-performance tyres are designed for a quick response on the road
  • High-performance tyres provide an enhanced ability to grip the road, especially during hard cornering.
  • High-performance tyres meet demands of higher speeds